Building a Fireplace With Legos

FireRock Outdoor Fireplace KitI am not much of a ::airquotes:: handy man. I don’t know how to ::airquotes:: build a deck. If I get a flat tire I might call roadside assistance to ::airquotes:: change the tire. Maybe hammers ::airquotes:: frighten me a little.

And yet I’m fascinated by these FireRock outdoor fireplace kits.

What is a fireplace kit? (update: FireRock explains fireplace kits in more detail) It’s basically the skeleton of a pre-engineered fireplace. They give you the pieces. Those pieces fit in place like putting together Legos, and then you just build your fireplace facade around it.

FireRock says you can build a fireplace in 4 steps and though I don’t really know the first thing about ::airquotes:: pouring concrete, I feel like I could actually do this!

Now all I need is a backyard…

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